Instagram Script

Follow Users

Auto-follow users; follow: a user's followers, keywords #hashtags, by location, a user's commenters and likers

Unfollow Users

Auto-Unfollow users, unfollow users not following back after some days, white list users that should not be unfollowed

Like Medias

Auto-like medias; Like Home page medias, Like medias in #hashtags...

Comment on Medias

Auto-comment on medias; Comment on a user's photos from #hastags

User Search

Auto-find users to follow based on #hastags, other user's followers, location, other user's commenters and likers.

Blacklist Words

blacklist the users who has bad words in their dec. related with blacklist words

White List Users

Build a special list of users who should not be unfollowed...

Proxy usage

You can use proxies with Proxy SwitchySharp chrome extension

Run Multiple Accounts

You can add multiple accounts by creating multiple chrome users

Filter By gender

You can filter your followings by gender